July Update

Mammoth is Mopey hardcover book June flew by, didn’t it? Since our exhibition at Wonderlab opened, we have been in full-on fulfillment mode. Packaging buttons (all 1,026!), ordering and signing prints, filling out customs forms, and numbering every book in the edition of 1,000. Now the packages are all stuffed and it’s time to send them to their new homes.

The next major task on the plate is for David to finish up the ebook. He decided to add quite a bit of information to the electronic version of Mammoth is Mopey (it’s more than twice the length of the hardcover version), explaining more about what scientists have discovered about the animals, what their relatives were like, and why David illustrated them the way he did. Now that he doesn’t have to balance working on that with fulfilling Indiegogo orders and working his day job, he can focus on wrapping it up. We will be back with another announcement when those download codes are going out.

When we look at these boxes of books and packages ready to ship, it really is staggering to think about that roller coaster six weeks this spring when we ran our Indiegogo campaign. We worked hard to stay positive when we worried that the campaign would not succeed. That optimism was a bit easier due to the unsolicited advocacy of so many folks on social media. Wonderful reviews from Emily Willoughby, Mark Witton, Chris DiPiazza, Erich Bacher, and The Finch and Pea were especially motivational, and sent traffic to the campaign that translated to pledges.

At the risk of sounding repetitive: Thank you to all of our supporters!