Ebooks Ahoy!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Mammoth is Mopey ebook is now ready for fulfillment. For $7, you receive the book in EPUB and PDF formats. If you were a backer of our Indiegogo campaign or have ordered the book via this website, you should have already received an email from us providing a download link. If not, please email us at contact(at)mammothismopey(dot)com and we’ll send it lickety-split.

The ebook version isn’t simply a digital collection of print book pages. Instead, we’ve expanded it to twice its original length. A new section, “Meet Mammoth and Friends,” provides more information about each animal. We present information about where they’re from and when they lived with map and timeline graphics. You’ll learn about their size, and each page includes a short text about natural history concepts – anything from broad approaches to fossil interpretation used by paleontologists to specifics of the families the animals belong to.

Working on the new “Meet Mammoth and Friends” material was tricky! Since these illustrations are not meant to be rigorously accurate life restorations in the way proper paleoart is, they don’t always have proper proportions. Synapsids in the family Caseidae were tiny-headed, barrel-bodied critters, for sure, but Cozy Cotylorhynchus exaggerates it a bit. Still, we think we offer a pretty good, rough idea of how large the animals were using our scale indicator graphic: a young girl named Rose and her pet terrier, Gregory.

A sample page from the "Meet Mammoth and Friends" section of the ebook.
A sample page from the “Meet Mammoth and Friends” section of the ebook.

Watch this space in the near future for even more fun information about the stars of Mammoth is Mopey. Pick up your ebook today, and remember that every hardcover order includes the ebook, too!