Dinosaur Hearts button sets are here!

Mammoth is Mopey books with the Dinosaur Hearts button set and Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while Mammoth is Mopey is a perfect gift for the dinosaur enthusiast in your life, we’ve cooked up a little extra way to share the love. From now until Valentine’s day, every hardcover copy of Mammoth is Mopey comes with a Dinosaur Hearts button set mounted on a Valentine’s Day card. The Dinosaur Heart designs are a popular set in David’s on-line shop, and for this promotion, we’ve added a brand-new fifth design: joining blue Torvosaurus, green Parasaurolophus, orange Diplodocus, and red Triceratops is purple Pachycephalosaurus. They’re perfect for dino-fans of all ages.

If you’ve already got the book but would like to purchase a button set on its own, we’ve got you covered. It’s available on its own on our order page.

The sets are currently in production, so all orders will begin shipping during the week of January 24. To ensure delivery by Valentine’s Day, please place domestic orders by February 9 and international orders by January 31.