About the Book

Photo of a copy of "Mammoth is Mopey"From artistic Ankylosaurus to zany Zygosaurus, Mammoth is Mopey is an alphabetical celebration of prehistoric life. Each whimsical illustration is accompanied by a pronunciation key and information about where and when the animal lived. No matter the reader’s age, Mammoth is Mopey is a great introduction to the astounding diversity of prehistoric life. For dedicated paleontology enthusiasts who already know the animals, it’s a fun way to see some “prehistoric deep cuts” in fanciful cartoon form. Order a copy today!

The Making of the Book

David and Jennie Orr
Your intrepid authors, exploring the ancient plant garden at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.
The seed of Mammoth is Mopey was planted in 2012. While joking around with David, Jennie came up with the idea of a mopey mammoth. Since he had been drawing dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals his whole life, David began sketching it out. When Jennie had the idea that the sad little mammoth could be joined by 25 other alphabetical animals, David couldn’t resist the challenge to draw an entire set.

They began brainstorming a roster of characters and their defining traits. As David shared in-progress illustrations among his fellow paleontology geeks on social media, the response was enthusiastic enough that he and Jennie began seriously weighing their options for getting the idea into print.

Eventually, they decided to go forward with crowdfunding, hoping that they would be able to expand beyond a core audience of paleontology enthusiasts to be able to raise enough funds to print a quality hardcover book. When their friends at Wonderlab approached them about exhibiting the Mammoth is Mopey illustrations in the summer of 2015, the time was right and, after some long evenings of planning and budgeting, Jennie hit the “launch campaign” button.

Six weeks and a lot of hard work later, over 300 people from 19 countries pledged via Indiegogo to help make the book a reality. You can see the list of these generous backers on this site’s Thank You page. With the success of this campaign, David and Jennie are eager to use the project as a launching pad for more of their children’s book ideas.


The print edition of Mammoth is Mopeygives an incorrect date for the mammoth’s extinction. The correct time is approximately 3,600 years ago, when the mammoth population on Wrangel Island, an island off the northeastern coast of Russia, died out.

This error is not present in the ebook versions.