Mammoth is Mopey has received some very kind praise around the web. So don’t take our word for it. Take the word of these enlightened, tasteful, and altogether splendid reviewers.

My 4-year-old dinosaur fanatic is very particular about his dinosaur books. He loves that the illustrations in “Mammoth is Mopey” are scientifically accurate, and he was impressed to discover new prehistoric creatures he’d never seen before reading it. My 2-year-old loves the fun illustrations and alphabetic captions for each creature. This book is perfect for dino lovers of all ages! — Karen Sams

…modern, sciencey, and exquisitely fun… This is what we need to do with dinosaurs to get children to understand that these are animals too. —Emily Willoughby, paleoartist

This books looks to be everything I could ever want in a kid’s book. In fact, it hits young readers with education on three fronts all at the same time. —Chris DiPiazza, paleontologist and paleoartist

The animals in question aren’t the same tried-and-tested taxa we see in every kids book however: they’re the likes of Brontomerus, Jeholopterus, Gorgonops and so on, and each is wonderfully illustrated in David’s Bézier-curve-loving style. —Mark Witton, paleontologist and paleoartist

I didn’t think my three-year-old would have the patience to let me figure out the pronunciations included on each page, much less repeat them back to me… And then I showed it to my son. Who totally loved this book.—Erich Bacher, Grounded Parents